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SeWooSe PortableReading desk

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"SeWooSe”PortableReading desk

│ Description │

Portable reading desk attached to the wall  
Portable reading desk attached to the wall will enable you to read
and write without bending your face due to its height of eye level
that makes you to look straight when seated.

│ Function │

There is a kickstand attached to the product cover that can be formed as a “triangle” shape. 
The certain angles can be arranged to reading or writing position
and that naturally helps your neck and back to stand straight,
which may have an effect as “orthotherapy”.

│ Feature │

It is designed to attach anywhere it suits your eye level whether you are sitting
or standing so that you can read or write in the place where you have to cook,
work or even in the narrow space.
It can be used without concerning size of books and needless to say that of papers.
The kickstand consists of a manilra paper-overlaid plywood and the front consists of MDF plywood.

│ Specification │

1) outer surface: pu (synthetic leather)
2) the inside surface :( manilraji-paper laminate) 1600g / mdf plywood (2mm)
3) Bookcases job: stainless steel and iron
4) Handle: Luxury Lace Fabric
5) Size: 340X450 (L) / 220x310 (M)6) Color: black, brown, pink, light green,
orange (the color can be manufactured separately




Product Detail Image

-SeWooSe-PortableReading desk

-SeWooSe-PortableReading desk

-SeWooSe-PortableReading desk

-SeWooSe-PortableReading desk

SeWooSe PortableReading desk