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SeWooSe” cover reading desk

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"SeWooSe" cover reading desk

│ Description │

A newly designed cover reading desk stand called the “Sewoose (Stand in Korean)”
which enables to combine a Book and reading deskstand
- "sewoose" is a handy reading desk stand enablingcustomers to carry anywhere
and anytime like a note or book. Nothing like other normal reading desk stands,
it is a new concept with a leather type which maximizes
its luxury and make customers to hold it as a handy book.

│ Function │

Product cover has a kickstand plate, which utilizes its function as a kickstand
when you push it from the bottom to top as a “triangle” shape.
The angle can be arranged to reading or writing position and that naturally helps
your neck and back to stand straight, which may have an effect as “orthotherapy”.

│ Feature │

It consists of a luxurious leather material unlike traditional wood and plastic material.
Lining is hard paper plywood type. Depending on your management of the product,
you can use it for more than five years without any deficiencies. It has five options
for colourssuch as black, brown, green, pink, and orange, and that increases
customer value by selectingany colours for their own preference

│ Specification │

1) outer surface: pu (synthetic leather)
2) the inside surface :( manilraji-paper laminate) 1600g
3) Bookcases fishing and hunting books: stainless steel and iron
4) Thread: white nylon thread (3 Total)
5) Size (2--mm): 215X315 (L), 173X255 (M)
6) Color: black, brown, pink, light green, orange (the color can be manufactured separately)





Product Detail Image

SeWooSe- cover reading desk

SeWooSe- cover reading desk

SeWooSe- cover reading desk

SeWooSe- cover reading desk

SeWooSe- cover reading desk

SeWooSe- cover reading desk